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Raymond Robinson in concert with Robin Mark

Still plugging away at the Latin Jazz CD! I am very excited about working with flautist Raymond Robinson from Belfast Ireland who is currently working with worship artist Robin Mark! We did a version of Kilavil that Robin Mark did on one of his CD’s… awesome worship artist. Raymond is a very gifted flautist and loves the Lord!
Raymond Robinson will be ministering on flute with Robin Mark late January/early February for a live recording in Ireland for a new CD release. If you have seen the DVD for Heartbeat for Worship then you may be familiar with the work of Robin Mark although our arrangement of “Killavil” is slightly different. I discovered Raymond via the world wide web and was pleased to find that he has a great heart to see the message of the Gospel be spread throughout the earth. I am hoping perhaps to have the virtuoso flautist Pedro Eustache (many know his work from the scoring of the Passion of the Christ) also be a part of the album however having Raymond is definitely not a substitute for they are both amazingly gifted and unique artists in their own right. To learn more about Raymond you can visit his web sight at
God bless you guys!