Heartbeat 2010 Recap Series part 1/3

Kimberly & David

The last blog I wrote I stated that I was going to go backwards a couple months to catch up on events however I feel the need to start this recap of the 2010 Heartbeat for Worship before it gets too late. There are so many things that could be said about this year’s event. It feels like though, that it just went by too fast. The whole night I almost felt like I was in a dream. As surreal as it felt however it truly was real, and so were the beautiful moments leading up to it.<!–more–>

Heartbeat 2010 almost did not happen, but I chose to push and walk on the water this year. I can say that I am truly glad that I did. Many new friendships and exciting doors have been opened in 2010 and I am enjoying the journey of life as I pursue God’s heart on a daily basis. It is easy to place a title on an event and make it a ritual, but to keep something fresh and innovative is another thing.

It started with the amazing camaraderie ¬†amongst the musicians, sound technicians, photographers, videographers, stage workers etc. I was so touched by the emotion in all of the brothers and sisters who had been a part of the event in the past and how they reacted when they reunited in the building. Some flew as far as California while others drove hours to arrive at the venue. What brotherly love was displayed in the hours prior to the actual event. Their were men and women from diverse backgrounds. Whether it was red hair with freckles or dark skin with dimples we all just got lost in the sea of love that is hindered by no man’s stereo type!

When it started it was just surreal…

More to follow… next week!

In the moment... in the presence...