Drum Clinic Performance Clip

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to facilitate a drum clinic at Christ Community Church with Dale Baker. The video below is a performance clip of Dale and I playing together with singer-songwriter Claybrook. You can learn more about his music  at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1pa_iENRJ4&t=180s

Below the video I have pasted the video description from YouTube. I will be posting teaching clips from the clinic at the end of this week on the lessons page of this website. Stay posted and if you like what you see and hear please subscribe to my channel on YouTube!

This is a performance from a drum/percussion clinic hosted by Christ Community Church in Pinehurst, NC. In this video I am playing congas, and shaker along with some other percussion instruments. Dale Baker is on drum set and Claybrook on vocals and acoustic guitar. The song is called Accuser by singer-songwriter Claybrook. Claybrook is an incredibly talented composer and worship leader based out of Raleigh, NC. Dale took a different approach to this song by playing a Brazilian Samba inspired groove while I played an improvised conga groove syncopated within the open notes of the floor tom. I used the shaker pattern as a layer to add another level of energy/excitement to the composition. Our aim was to provide a practical example of taking a classic yet different approach to playing an acoustic set by utilizing various inspired rhythms and percussion from different regions of the world. As opposed to playing a contemporary rock/pop style backbeat Dale chose to play a samba inspired floor tom pattern while accenting it with the upbeats on the hihat and also driving the low-end on the bass drum. This was our first time playing this song together as a trio (well actually the second time since I forgot to press the record button on the camera the first go around) To learn more about Claybrook’s music you can visit http://www.claybrookmusic.com. He has a couple beautiful projects on his website including this song “Accuser.” I facilitated the drum clinic alongside drummer, and singer-songwriter Dale Baker. Dale Baker is an internationally renowned drummer based out of Durham, NC. Dale recorded multiple albums with Six Pence None the Richer (including top Billboard charting hits There She Goes and Kiss Me) along with tracking percussion in Nashville for producers such as EmmyLou Harris. You can learn more about Dale at http://www.dalebakerdrummer.com A special thank you to Christ Community Church for having Dale, Claybrook and myself present for the drum clinic! You can learn more about Christ Community Church at https://cccpinehurst.org