New Single

autumn picture of fallen leaves on a path across the wood, vintage colored

You can now purchase the first song from upcoming album “Sacred Roots”.
This song is a fusion of Cuban Latin percussion, Native American flute, pop-rock, with soulful vocals laying on a bed of warm electric guitar tones and jazzy keyboards.

The inspiration from the song comes from the scripture John 3:8.
Through the years I have been inspired in many ways by the beautiful colors of fall and the sounds the wind makes as it passes through dying leaves within the trees and also as they scrape across the ground. It is for me a very reflective time of year. To me it is a representation of change; of a time of transition. This song is about that… How many times do we get caught up in the busyness of life and miss so many precious moments and lessons. When we let go however, and take time to reflect and hear God’s voice we are placed in a position to understand what it is Jesus was explaining to Nicodemus (John 3:8) all those many years ago…Como el Viento (Like the Wind)