Performance; Campbell University School of Divinity

Giles on piano at the Campbell University Chapel

A few months back I had the wonderful opportunity of assisting in worship on percussion for the Campbell University’s School of Divinity Chapel. Prior to arriving on campus that morning I actually thought it was for the freshman. I was pleasantly surprised to discover it was actually for the Divinity school (I do love doing the freshman chapel service as well however).

Leading in worship (musically) was a good friend of mine and anointed musician Giles Blankenship. Giles has a unique way/gift of making you feel very comfortable in worship and the presence of the Lord. To discover his music or learn more about him visit I absolutely love worshiping with him. For the set I brought a cajon, foot pedal with tambourine bracket (I find this goes great with “CCM” type songs especially during the chorus), shakers, brushes for additional effects on the cajon, one conga, and some rattlers. It was an intimate service that I will most certainly not forget!
Also I had an opportunity to play again with one of my favorite guitarists Kyle Johnson. Kyle is on electric guitar on my latest project Flor de Vida.

The Campbell Chapel is an amazing venue. If you are ever near the campus you should stop by and check it out. The combination of cathedral ceilings, cedar wood beams, tall clear glass pane windows and stained glass make for a breathtaking view during the day from inside the chapel. The chapel is literally flooded with light during a clear sunny day. It was so beautiful to play those slow worship songs and to look out and see the light breaking through the room… breathtaking… Above is an actual photo from a rehearsal prior to the service.
I will never forget spotting a young lady sitting by herself meditating during the worship while we ministered in song. I love experiencing moments like that.